The Listening Corner

Here's a list where you can practise your listening skills further:
  • BBC Radio News.
  • Saberingles Listening comprehension exercises in American English in three levels (your level is probably difficult). You have to listen while you read the script of the text and fill in the gaps with one word or answer multiple choice questions.
  • Esl-lab Choose your level (difficult), click on a story, then on "Listening Exercises" and choose your player so that you can listen to the text and answer multiple choice comprehension questions. To finish the exercise, you can listen and read the script at the same time.
  • Elllo Over 1,000 listening activities. Most activities include images, an interactive quiz, transcript of the audio and downloadable MP3. Just browse and look for something your level.
  • Anglesonline The "Cinema" section shows trailers of recent movies and the student has to answer comprehension questions while watching. Interesting and good fun.